Become A Distributor

[Click to Become a Distributor for $99]

So there’s 3 huge and amazing reasons that joining our team is one of the best things you can do!!
#1 We are the ONLY company that sells the wraps, and the wraps are NOT sold in stores! A lot of companies like this that sell candles or mascara have tons of competition at Walmart, other stores, and even other companies, but we have no competition!! And because we are the only ones with the wraps, that means people will come to YOU to buy them!!
#2 Because this is a home based business, our company pays for absolutely NO advertising! It’s our job to advertise for them, so instead of paying millions to advertise, they pay us the millions!!!
#3 (my favorite reason) Look at Avon and Mary Kay for a minute. Avon has over 6.4 MILLION distributors, and Mary Kay has around 4 MILLION! That is A LOT of people!!! Now let’s look at It Works! We only have 100,000 distributors who get paid… So what does that mean? Well, I want you to imagine where the first 100,000 distributors for Avon and Mary Kay are today. They are set for life!!! And WE have that same opportunity because our company still is so small! Only 3 out of 10 people have even heard about the wraps and if they’ve heard about them, they still haven’t TRIED them!!!
There is a TON of money to be made and I would LOVE to help you make it!!


To get started in our business, it’s just $99 to start and that gives you our business builder kit which comes with about $120+ in FREE products!!! Then from there the overhead of your business is about $100/month! This includes your $20 website plus 1-2 products of your choice that you can use yourself to develop a love for the products and your own testimony that they work!! Using the products yourself each month is something that will help you stand out from everyone else! (And with my help you’ll sign up a TON of customers too!!)

Make sure to send me a quick message to ask what awesome promotions we have going on for new distributors as well!! I can also answer any other questions you have!!

Once you have purchased the business builder kit, we will immediately be able to help you start making a profit! We have hands on training, a secret team Facebook group page, training videos, files, posts, everything you need!! Literally anything we have learned along the way to help us be successful, we teach you!!!

Click Here to Become A Distributor for $99.


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