Hey guys!! I just wanted to give you a quick intro on who we are and what we are all about! We are Taylor & Jocelyn Yates. We were both born and raised in Southern Utah. When we met in 2013, I (Jocelyn) had already found the business It Works and became a distributor. At first, Taylor thought I was crazy for doing a business like this, he would always tell me it wasn’t a reliable source of income and that I should go get “a real job”. Isn’t that funny?!

We got married on May 3, 2014 and right after we had been married for just a year, we bought our first home (June 2015)! Through the entire process of building and designing the whole thing, we both knew real estate would be a big part of our lives one day!

In March of 2016 we promoted to the highest rank in the It Works company and we are working on hitting the Black Diamond status now!! ($100,000/ monthly) We are so thankful to be one of the top income earning teams and it has completely changed our lives!!! We have now been able to upgrade to an even bigger home and we just had our first baby girl Taelyn on June 15, 2018!

I have always loved photography and my dream has always been to be a work at home mom! Taylor loves golfing so if he’s not helping you with real estate, that’s where he’ll be! While I focus on helping people with our incredible health & wellness products and business opportunity at home, Taylor helps others with his expertise to find, build or sell their homes.

So whether you are wanting to improve your health, wealth, or real estate needs, we would LOVE to help you!!